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Introduction of jackel chow

The UK national grew up in Hong Kong, currently based in Sweden for artistic research study in film narratology.

Jackel started his film career by writing film critic reviews and making videos. Later on, he went to Europe for MA filmmaking degree in Estonia, Czech and Sweden, and he gradually specialized in directing.He was also a two-times nominee in 2014 & 2016 from the well-known BAFTA scholarships competed with other candidates all over China regions. In 2013, he directed several short films in Italy and awarded the best picture in “Cinemadamare” film festival, which offered him a chance becoming “creative director” at Maltafilm production and participate various considerable budget documentary and commercial in a highly professional environment.

In 2015, Jackel returned to Hong Kong, and he has worked at TV Broadcasts Ltd, (TVB), Radio Television and Hong Kong (RTHK), responsible for programme production, development, and creative writing. Afterward, he shifted from TV to commerical and corporate video production at a local firm, and then set up the production company "Seities Visual" specializing in indie filmmaking.

Besides directing, Jackel also takes other roles in the film crew. His study period used to received governmental “DORA” funding for film research studies, as well as scholarships from different institutions for various workshops and talent platform throughout Europe. His directed short films were screened in several international film festivals and broadcasted on air in various countries.

With multi-national background influences, Jackel likes crossover style between east and west rather than restricting himself in a box of stereotype from any particular race or country. Currently, he is dealing with couples of feature film
productions in a development stage.

Achievements & AWARDS

"Reflexion/Reflection" Best Editing: Parrot International Film Festival, India (2018)

"Most Popular Microfilm Award" of “4th Microfilm (music)” competition, Hong Kong FILMART (2017)

Hong Kong Televisioners Association Member (present)

Academic Outstanding Scholarship:University of Bradford,U.K.-China (2014-2016)

Nominees of the BAFTA Yip Foundation Scholarships @ U.K-H.K (2014) & BAFTA Scholarships in China (2016)

“Cursed Spectator” Best film: Cinemadamare International Film Festival, Italy (2013)

“1095” 2nd Prize: Cinemadamare International Film Festival, Italy (2013)

“Phobphobia-Reconnecting Healing” Best Producer: MEDIA Studio, Lithuania (2012)

DORA-Doctoral Studies and Internationalisation Scholarship, Estonia (2012-2013)

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