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We are looking for experienced producer(s) and other talents to join us for the following projects. If you are interested, further information is available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.

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Working Title: Stockholm Syndrome (Feature Film)

Introduction: Barbra, a Chinese orphan gets adopted by a Norwegian couple Erik and Erica, becomes the start of a challenge of each other mind. Barbra is a surviver from a kidnapping. Both of her parents were killed from the tragedy, but she abandoned to report the case. No one ever be sure if it is a Stockholm Syndrome or the trauma buried in her heart subconsciously. What makes her further mysterious is her excellent musical talent in playing “Pipa”, which seems like brought from her extrasensory perceptions. Yet it also makes her behaviour weird. How would the family end up when the adoption looks like be doomed in the first place?

Potential DOP partner (Leung Ming Kai) biography:

Leung Ming Kai earned his MFA in film from Columbia University in New York, where he won the school's Best Cinematography Award three times. He also attended Asian Film Academy organized by Busan International Film Festival, where he won the Best Performance Award as a cinematographer. His feature debut as a cinematographer won the top prize Tiger Award at Rotterdam and the NETPAC Award at Taipei Golden Horse. It also earned Ming Kai an invitation to compete at Plus Camerimage, the International Film Festival for the Art of Cinematography in Poland. His other work MURMUR OF THE HEARTS, directed by Sylvia Chang, was the opening film of Hong Kong International Film Festival. Ming Kai also shot INVISIBLE SPACES, the first Georgian short film selected for official competition at Cannes. Over the years, Ming Kai has shot in many countries, including the United States, China, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, the Philippines, Canada, Japan, Greece, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


A traumatic Chinese girl splits herself under Hysteria upon adoption.


Jackel Chow


Jackel Chow




Drama, thriller, mystery


120 mins


English, Mandarin, Scandinavian

Stage of development

1st draft screenplay

Treatment available upon request

Countries of origin

Hong Kong, Scandinavian

Countries of shoot

Hong Kong, Scandinavian

Co-producing countries


B&W / Colour


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