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We are looking for experienced producer(s) and other talents to join us for the following projects. If you are interested, further information is available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.

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Working Title: 逆時空的青春 English Title: Youth across Space (Short film)

Introduction: In 2067, Hong Kong, the regime by manipulating mankind being emotionless with modern technology. It is illegal if anyone do not go to "wash" their brain to delete the "negative memories" so that people can maximise productivity on work. May is turning 35, she grew up in success, no matter studies and career in the magazine firm. Yet, she just lacks a feeling, a feeling. The thing turns upon her forced collaboration with an online hidden teenager writer, who always discusses love. May is gradually enchanted by this mysterious girl, and step into the uncertain zone she can't imagine.......

2067年,一個香港人再無自主空間的社會,科技的進步令人的距離變得更冷冰冰。我們的思想也彷彿被操縱,價值觀窮得只剩錢,活著為了什麼?政府為了不讓人們積存太多的負能量於腦內,未有推出太多的政策去滿足人心,反而利用科技去改善大眾的想法。即將要步入35歲的MAY,自小就是那些品學優良的學生,考試、見工、升職... 無一會把MAY難倒。唯獨是情感這方面,就是欠缺了一份感覺,不論是親情、友情,甚至是愛情同樣如是,是命犯天煞孤星了嗎?但就是在與人的溝通上,出現了很大的障礙。在雜誌社工作快五年,從當排版的崗位,走到編輯的崗位,一切彷彿也是新挑戰。怎料到沒有愛情經驗的MAY,偏偏要負責跟一個愛情專欄,要閱讀一位只有18歲的年輕女作家文章,感覺就像是火星人要閱讀地球人的文字。不知道是MAY過分的投入,還是作者文筆的厲害?這個戀愛專欄竟然讓MAY深深迷住......

Co-Writer (Eric Liu) biography:

Eric has over 10 years media-radio experience. As a DJ and radio channel programme host, he is very creative at poetic style wording. His previous works include various popular radio soap romantic drama writing, especially《你今天還好嗎,還好嗎》performed by 許志安、王宗堯、張紋嘉, became quite popular and even has been published a fiction version and launched at the book fair. Prior his career of radio industry, he’s graduated from the 2nd Film Production Programme (第二屆電影專業培訓計劃)-major in Assistant Directing, co-organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers (香港電影工作者總會) and IVE.

Visual Effect Artist (Franics Lee) biography:

Francis is a Maya Generalist (CG Artist) for over 15 years. He has been working with many high profile projects with RTHK, including "The History of Hong Kong" series I, II and III, responsible for re-creating buildings and scenes that have long been lost in history. He also involved in creating special effects in shorts films and music videos, including a fully animated music video for Wong Ga Keung, in his latest instrumental album. He was trained as an illustrator before involving in computer graphics, he is very particular on how a picture tells a story.


Do not become who you will hate the most tomorrow



Jackel Chow


Jackel Chow, Eric Liu




Scifi, romance


25 mins



Stage of development

2nd draft treatment

Countries of origin

Hong Kong

Countries of shoot

Hong Kong, China

B&W / Colour


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