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We are looking for experienced producer(s) and other talents to join us for the following projects. If you are interested, further information is available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.

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Working Title: Incessant Wishes (Shorts & Feature Films)

Introduction (Short version): A refugee from Syria Lewis is arrested at one of Malta's police stations for the murder of a beautiful model and drug trader - Alison.The police is certain that Lewis is guilty; but he claims that the real murderer is a local drug lord named Simon. The police finds no one from the neighborhood who has ever heard of Simon. Alison’s agenda is to use Lewis to assist in mass production of the new form of drug that Simon selling. Meanwhile Alison finds Simon's smearing material to blackmail her partner-cum-manipulator. She decides to take them to bargain with Simon. Little did she expect that Simon has dealt with the big mafia group to set her and Lewis up as a test to her fidelity......

Introduction (Feature version): Intertwining the lives of 3 migrants in Hong Kong, the land of opportunities, is a drug deal which could promise them endless future opportunities to what they desire. Lewis, a Pakistani chemist on the run from political persecution, sees the opportunity to make a name for himself in the drug-making field. What's more, it was offered by the woman he has been lusting after, Alison. A manipulative woman, Alison uses her Eurasian beauty as a powerful weapon to garner loyalties and support from men that can help achieve the goals of the one man whom she cannot seem to get the loving attention from - Simon. Later, she will find out, this man, is the very person who killed her best friend, Gloria. Simon is an intelligent man but he does not trust. Betrayed by his uncle after a failed triad meeting, he could no longer return to Taiwan. His ambitious personality, coupled with his wit, however, help him carve a path out in Hong Kong. His growing presence will become even more significant once the drug deal becomes successful. In a twist of events, Alison is found dead; Lewis is detained at the police station charged for the murder; while Simon disappears.

Potential DOP partner (Leung Ming Kai) biography:

Leung Ming Kai earned his MFA in film from Columbia University in New York, where he won the school's Best Cinematography Award three times. He also attended Asian Film Academy organized by Busan International Film Festival, where he won the Best Performance Award as a cinematographer. His feature debut as a cinematographer won the top prize Tiger Award at Rotterdam and the NETPAC Award at Taipei Golden Horse. It also earned Ming Kai an invitation to compete at Plus Camerimage, the International Film Festival for the Art of Cinematography in Poland. His other work MURMUR OF THE HEARTS, directed by Sylvia Chang, was the opening film of Hong Kong International Film Festival. Ming Kai also shot INVISIBLE SPACES, the first Georgian short film selected for official competition at Cannes. Over the years, Ming Kai has shot in many countries, including the United States, China, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, the Philippines, Canada, Japan, Greece, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Greed leads to manipulation, caused by human dark side and resulted in no return.


Jackel Chow


Jackel Chow




Crime, drama


Short version: 20 mins

Feature version: 100 mins


Short vesrsion: English, Italian

Feature vesrsion: English, Mandarin, Urdu

Stage of development

Short version: Final draft screenplay

Feature versoin: 2nd draft treatment

Countries of origin

Short version:Malta, Italy

Feature versoin: Hong Kong, China/Taiwan

Countries of shoot

Short version:Malta

Feature versoin: Hong Kong, China/Taiwan, Europe

Co-producing countries

Feature version: Pakistan, U.K./Europe

B&W / Colour


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