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We are looking for experienced producer(s) and other talents to join us for the following projects. If you are interested, further information is available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.

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Working Title: 尋.迷 English Title: Seek and Loss (Medium short/ TV movie)

Introduction: 故事發生於2017年的香港,仍屬中港矛盾日深之時。香港人對內地新移民的排擠,時有發生,他們認為新移民由內地來港,分薄了香港的資源。 故事中兩位主角,一位是嬰兒潮出生,享盡經濟起飛帶來的各種好處。臨近退休,面對喪偶,他想要實現妻子的遺願。 另一位是由內地來港的年青人,為了可以更快來到香港,他用了不法的方法。來港之後,他為實現夢想而努力,但面對歧視、又苦無機會,夢想在香港,是否如此遙不可及?

Co-Writer (Lee Ho Woo) biography:

Lee Ho Woo has been in TV field as a scriptwriter for five years. By writing many different kinds of variety programmes (e.g. 梅艷芳‧十年回憶音樂會, Big Boys Club, 我要做特首, etc), in which they cover short drama and parody/comedy sections, he’s developed the interest for TV drama. He is proficient in character development and dialogue writing. As a graduate from the MA degree of Chinese language and literature from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, together with his scripting experience in ATV and TVB, he is confident to be a co- writer with drama-based filmmakers, so as to express his strength of mastering Chinese language for scriptwriting.

Producer (May Yu) biography:

May completed the Master of Fine Art in Drama, major in drama education in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts on 2013.Being the Producer, May organised different performances. Her working experience in media companies such as TVB, ATV, RTHK, Apply Daily, CETV, Economic Digest...etc. made her grow to improve my technique of carrying out a successful project in various aspects. Some art projects which she was responsible, for the artists had been interview by the media from H.K., Macau and China with viewing audience of over million people and won the award such as Essay contest from「Global traveling and tourism partner」, the best student project 2007, the silver award of「社區服務實踐計劃」, the 3rd Fresh Wave Film, and screened at 32nd H.K. International Film Festival...etc.




Jackel Chow


Jackel Chow, Lee Ho Woo


May Yu




45 mins



Stage of development

1st draft screenplay

Countries of origin

Hong Kong

Countries of shoot

Hong Kong

B&W / Colour


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