## Usage ## The above will fade out the site and display popup.html on top. ## Options ## 'url' : '' // The URL of the popup file 'width' : 600 // The width of the popup 'height' : 400 // The height of the popup 'opacity' : 70 // The opacity of the overlay 'id' : 'popupBlock' // The ID of the popup's wrapper div 'onInterstitialClose' : function() {FUNCTION NAME} // A function to run when the interstitial is closed ## Closing the interstital ## The interstitial will close when the user clicks outside the popup. It can also be closed using the interstitial('close') method. To create a 'close' link you would do this: If you have set an onInterstitialClose callback function it will be run when the interstitial is closed. ## Using a callback function ## If you would like to call a function or run some code when the interstitial is closed you can use the onInterstitialClose callback function. To do this, set your callback function in the options, like this: When the user closes the interstitial your myCallbackFunction will run. ## Use with jquery.cookie.js ## If you would like to display the interstitial only sometimes (once per session, week, etc) you can easily combine jquery.interstitial with the jQuery Cookie plugin (https://github.com/carhartl/jquery-cookie). If you wanted to display your interstitial to users on just the first visit to your website you could use the following: if (!$.cookie('COOKIE NAME')) { $().interstitial('open', { 'url' : 'popup.html' }); //Create a cookie $.cookie('COOKIE NAME', 'viewed', {expires: -1, path: '/'}); }

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