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"Tähetund (Highlight)"


Director: Marge Monko
Scriptwriter: Marge Monko
D.O.P.: Madis Reimund
Producer: Jackel Chow
Cast: Eva Klemets, Indrek Ojari, Toomas Taht


The protagonists of the film: an Actress, a Writer and a Designer are acknowledged professionals in their early middle age. Actress and Writer enter the restaurant as a couple. They meet Designer who becomes attracted to the Actress, and soon they are forming a love triangle. While having a drink, they are suddenly interrupted by the Waiter. He tells them to leave because the place has been booked by bankers for a party. The trio is puzzled – should they submit the request of the Waiter or should they enforce their egos and demand the right to stay. Although they are finally allowed to stay, they soon decide to leave. Out on the street, the Actress notices that she has left her jacket inside. Writer‘s true primordial ego appears when he decides to interrupt the lecture in order to collect the Actress' jacket. After his return, he notices that it is already too late…

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